About us

FOTOPO – SOCIETE ANONYME OF DEVELOPMENT STUDIES AND GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS with D.T. FOTOPO S.A. is one of the largest and most specialized companies of studies and provision of technical consulting services in Greece and carries out studies in the fields of Topography, Photogrammetry, Cadastre, Geographic Information Systems-GIS, Transportation Works and Mappings of Monuments and Ensembles.

FOTOPO S.A. was created by transforming PHOTOPO E.STAMBOULOGLOU & ASSOCIATES LTD (founded in 1992) into a SA in 2002.

Since its establishment until today, the company offers its customers high quality services, in specific timelines, always based on its modern equipment, its high-level scientific staff, its familiarity with innovation and strong know-how.

The company is housed in privately owned offices in the area of Papagos with a total area of 250 sq.m.


FOTOPO S.A. has a design degree of grade E’ in category 16 (topographical studies) of the second class in category 10 (transportation projects), it is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece (T.E.E.) and the Association of Geoinformatics and Cadastre Companies (S.E.G.E.K.). Apart from its design activities, the company has produced standardization and develops and promotes computer programs for Surveying Engineers and Topographical activities.

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The company has been certified by ELOT according to ISO 9001:1994 (1999), TUV Austria according to ISO 9001:2000 (2005) and ISO 9001:2008 (2009) and LETRINA according to ISO 9001:2015 (2017) standard in the fields of Topography, Photogrammetry – Remote Sensing, Cadastre, Transportation Works, Gis-GIS Geographic Information Systems, Monuments and Ensembles and Software Development.

FOTOPO S.A. is the first company in Greece that was certified according to the ISO 9001 standard in the field of Monuments and Ensembles Imprinting since 1999.


Our company employs engineers from universities, holders of postgraduate and doctoral degrees, engineers of technological educational institutes and technicians of other levels (topographers I.E.K., operators of photogrammetric systems, designers, experienced surveyors) with high expertise and specialization. The company takes care of the continuous updating and training of its partners and the monitoring of technological developments.


The company’s computer equipment includes desktop and laptop computers of modern technology with a completely modern backbone with server, automatic backup systems, 1Gbps Ethernet network and internet access via high bandwidth VDSL line.

The software that the company has includes more than 15 licenses of use of AutoCAD and Autocad MAP, ArcGIS, MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Photogrammetry Software (Inpho, Bingo, DATEM Summit Evolution 4 complete stations), application development tools and functional.

The applications that have been developed by the company (Cadastral II, Tachymetry, TopoRest) as well as those that are developed in the future are used without any restriction within the company for the needs of its design departments.

The company has a photogrammetric scanner for diathetics / negatives.

In addition, it has A4, A3 and A0 scanners, laser and inkjet printers and copiers, A0 plotter and full field equipment that includes but is not limited to Laser Scanner, GNSS/GPS double frequency geodetic precision, Total Stations.

Our company is one of the first companies in Greece to incorporate the use of 360° camcorders for taking photographs for recording / cadastral work.

We have 3 unmanned flying means for use in aerial photography work, suitable for small and large scales of imprints.

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