Announcement of taking 3D measurements and ground photos along Public roads in Messinia.

FOTOPO SA a Geoinformatics company based in Athens, Ionias 3 Papagou TK 15669, on behalf of Cyclomedia Technology B.V., a Dutch Geoinformatics Company based in the Netherlands, PO Box 2201, 5300 CE Zaltbommel, The Netherlands, announce that Cyclomedia will take measurements and photos from the public space along public roads in settlements of the Municipalities: Kalamata, Messini, Pylos-Nestorα and Western Mani of Messinia from 21/11/2022 to 12/12/2022.

Cyclomedia specializes in large-scale systematic recording of public space images. Using specially equipped Mobile Mapping vehicles, Cyclomedia takes 3D measurements and 360-degree panoramic photos of public roads. Photos may contain personal data, such as recognizable faces or vehicle registration plates, to which the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies.

Cyclomedia takes photos from the public street to capture the detail of the outdoor environment and has a legitimate interest in processing potentially visible personal data in street-level photos in accordance with Article 6.1 paragraph f of the GDPR Regulation. This legitimate interest includes the freedom to carry out a business as enshrined in Article 16 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and the consequent interest in being able to better serve its customers, other stakeholders and society as a whole. The purposes of the data processing consist of the recording and processing of street-level photographs in a database in order – under strict conditions – to make these photographs available to public and private organisations.

The images collected by Cyclomedia provide the complete and detailed representation of the outdoor space and thus this implementation contributes to the societal interest in better understanding and recording the increasingly complex and rapidly changing natural and built environment. In order to arrive at future solutions for current issues in the field of infrastructure (e.g. development of telecommunications networks), climate change (e.g. the amount of green space in urban areas), mobility (e.g. parking facilities for electric vehicles), sustainability (e.g. type of buildings and green spaces) and safety (e.g. escape routes during events or incidents), a transparent, accurate and fully detailed mapping of the outdoor space is essential. In short, the interests of society as a whole benefit from data processing carried out by Cyclomedia.

In the processing performed recognizable faces and vehicle license plates will be blurred before Cyclomedia makes the captured images available to its customers. The blurred images will be retained by Cyclomedia for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purposes of the processing and fulfill the contractual obligations with its customers. Cyclomedia has appointed a data protection officer who will monitor the implementation and compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR and who can be contacted via the contact details below.

If you would like to receive more information, ask questions, submit requests for access, rectification, erasure and restriction of data processing or lodge an objection, please contact: Cyclomedia Technology B.V., PO Box 2201, 5300 CE Zaltbommel, The Netherlands or You have the right, if you wish, to file a complaint with the Greek Personal Data Protection Authority ( More information:

The names of the settlements are given as examples.

1/ Municipality of Kalamata

Kalami, Asprochoma, Kalamata Marina, East Settlement, Almyros Beach, Mikra Mantineia

2/ Municipality of Messini

Militsa, Adriani, Logga, Ag. Andreas, Kokkino, Aganio, Kokorreuma, Chranoi, Achladochori, Kalamaki, Petalidi, Kalochori, Stravolemaika, Hatzis, Petritsi, Daras, Dafni, Velika, Draconeri, Neohori, Lykotrafos, Lefkohora, Myrtopotamia, Ag. Kon/nos, Mylonas

3/ Municipality of Pylos-Nestora

Koukounara, Pyla, Balodimaiika, Chandrinis, Mesopotamos, Ampelokipoi, Finikounda, Windmill, Hounakia, Lahanada, Loutsa, Country house, Weed, Kaplani, Tameia, Akritochori, Dump, Falanthi, Harokopio, Chrysokellaria, Livadakia, Vasilitsi, Faneromeni, Ag. Georgios, Koroni, Ag. Triada

4/ West Mani

Municipality Mansion, Paleochora, Akrogiali Paralia, Sandova, Kampos, Platoma, Prosilio, Kampos, Kardamili, Kalamitsi, Pyrgos, Ag. Nikolaos, St. Dimitrios