Monument Mappings

FOTOPO S.A. has extensive experience in studies for the imprinting of monuments and ensembles. The company is distinguished for the use of new methods to achieve the requirements for each study, since it began to exist as a research office of E. Stambouloglou until today.


The equipment used varies according to the needs of each study, such as the use of balloons for aerial photography, helicopters, specially for this purpose manufactured lifts of photomachines, etc.


In the offices of FOTOPO A.E. there is a wooden copy of part of the front of the Parthenon, which has resulted from the transfer of its photogrammetric impression to a CNC machine.


Since 2007, Trimble GS200’s 3D laser scanner has been added to the company’s equipment, which is used either autonomously or in combination with classical methods for capturing monuments of ensembles or even autonomous statues.


The experience and modern equipment of < strong>PHOTOPO SA < / strong>ensure the proper execution of the study, the result of which can be views, axonometric and perspective diagrams of three-dimensional objects, orthophotographs, point clouds, three-dimensional as well as digital VRML files, or even entire copies of the object.


Recently with the use of the three-dimensional scanner, it was achieved to monitor and guide the production of an exact copy in bronze at the foundry of a 2:1 statue of the sculptor Yannis Pappas from the original plaster found in the sculptor’s Atelier.


The studies of imprinting monuments and ensembles require the combination of appropriate photogrammetric and classical methods of topographical mapping of high precision, the achievement of which requires knowledge of the subject in depth.


The works that have been carried out from time to time concern the imprinting of monuments such as: