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Land Registry

The Cadastre sector of FOTOPO SA is staffed by experienced staff and takes advantage of all modern means of compiling a cadastre. It is supported by the fields of photogrammetry and topography for the collection of spatial data, which are necessary during the compilation of a cadastre and cooperates with the field of Geographic Information Systems.

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Geographic Information Systems – GIS

FOTOPO SA is active in the full range of activities involved in the development of Geographic Information Systems, from the production and digitization of spatial data, to the design of spatial databases and the development of specialized desktop and web-based applications.

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The Photogrammetry Department of the company is staffed by experienced staff with modern means of photography and photogrammetric instruments. Our photogrammetric equipment in combination with the software used, provides the ability to execute the full range of photogrammetric applications (aerial, ground, and short distances).

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The Topography Department of the company is staffed by experienced staff with all the modern means of taking measurements in the field and their performance with safety and speed. The equipment of the company in combination with the software that has been developed by it, provides the possibility of performing topographic studies of any type and scale.

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Impression of Monuments

The company has extensive experience in surveying studies of monuments and ensembles that in combination with modern logistics ensure the correct execution of the study which can result in faces, axonometric and perspective diagrams of three-dimensional objects, orthophotos, point clouds, three-dimensional and three-dimensional VRML files, or even whole copies of the object.

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Road construction

The company has experience in road construction projects as well as the appropriate staff – equipment that is necessary for the preparation of such studies, which include:

Horizontography, Sections, Sections, Visibility Charts.
Three-dimensional illustration of the road, model construction and driving on it.
Invocation Diagrams, Soil Panels, etc.
Security criteria based on OMOE-Y.
Compilation of technical and financial tender documents.
Engraving of all the characteristic points of the road.

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Topographic Equipment Rental

We have for rent GPS receivers, geodetic stations (total stations) as well as a variety of 3D Stealth Mouse models for use in photogrammetric stations or 3D applications.

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Aerial Photo Scan

We provide services for scanning available and negative aerial photos, roll film or frames. The scanner we have is the Deltascan Photogrammetric Scanner by GeoSystem, with an optical resolution of 8μm.

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3D Laser Scanning

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