The Team

The scientific and technical staff of the company has great specialization in the fields of activity, great professional experience and remarkable research work with numerous publications in Greek and international conferences and journals. The company’s human resources combines extensive and many years of experience and high scientific training in all areas of activity. Our company employs engineers from universities, holders of postgraduate and doctoral degrees, engineers of technological educational institutes and technicians of other levels (topographers I.E.K., operators of photogrammetric systems, designers, experienced surveyors) with high expertise and specialization. The company takes care of the continuous updating and training of its partners and the monitoring of technological developments.

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Efthymios Stambouloglou

President & Managing Director

Efthymios Stambouloglou Agri. Surveying Engineer (NTUA, 1969) is the founder, president and CEO of the company. He is an engineer with more than thirty years of experience, specialized in Cadastre, Photo interpretation, photogrammetry and not only.

From 1974 to 2001 he served at the NTUA in a position of EDP, in the photogrammetry laboratory. He taught in the fields of Photogrammetry, Photo interpretation-remote sensing and Cadastre.

In the years 2000-2001 he also taught an introduction to Quality Management Systems. Along with his teaching presence, he was involved in research programs of Photogrammetry and Cadastre, presenting in various international and Greek scientific symposia and conferences, 27 original papers from 1977 to 1996.

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Nikolaos Monachos

Project / Design Manager

Nikolaos Monk Agros. Topographer Engineer (NTUA, 1982) is deputy quality assurance officer at FOTOPO S.A. and one of the company's founding executives. His action as technical manager and quality management manager in a number of large-scale projects is multi-year.

He has served as technical coordinator in topography, cadastre studies, projects specializing in Geographic Information Systems such as: ``Topographical studies for the construction of depa's project: 4 BAR gas distribution network made of polyethylene``, ``Study of the National Cadastre of the Community of Martinos in the Prefecture of Fthiotida``, ``Study of the National Cadastre 10 local authorities of the Prefecture of Cephalonia``, ``Compilation of the GIS Networks of OTE, production of spatial backgrounds``, ``Study of the second phase of Cadastre for the creation of a National Cadastre in 7 Municipalities of the Prefecture of Attica and provision of support services``.

It develops software and applications that meet the needs of the company, as well as customer and partner requirements of the company.

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Efstratios Stambouloglou

Planner & Development Manager

Efstratios Stambouloglou, is a PhD Candidate at the Laboratory of Photogrammetry of the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering of the NTUA, holds a Master of Science from the School of Civil Engineering from purdue University (2002) on the subject of Geomatics, while the first degree is from the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering N.T.U.A. (1st in order of admission 1993).

He was a scholar of the Eugenides Foundation and during the postgraduate program and within the framework of the scholarship from purdue University, he served as assistant professor (Teaching Assistant) in the course introduction to Geodesy of the 2nd semester at the School of Civil Engineering, and research assistant (Research Assistant) for the Geography laboratory.

With publications in international conferences, he has extensive experience in projects of Photogrammetry, Photo interpretation, GPS, Laser Scanning.

He was, among other things, technical coordinator of the projects ``Photogrammetric Surveying of the Vaulted Tomb at the location 'Kazanaki' of the Volos Ring Road``, ``Photogrammetric Mapping of Venetian Fortifications of the Old Town of Chania``, ``Aerial Photography and Production of Large Scale Orthophotos (LSO), Area III``, ``Topographical and Photogrammetric Mappings on the Acropolis of Athens``.

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Kyriaki Gotzabasopoulou

Project Manager

Kyriaki Gotzabasopoulou is a qualified Rural and Surveying Engineer of the National Technical University of Athens and has been working with the company as a project engineer since 1997.

He has twenty years of experience in topography, cadastre, geographic information systems studies. He has also actively participated from responsible positions in studies such as ``Topographic studies for the construction of the DEPA project - 4 BAR polyethylene gas distribution network``, ``Study of the National Cadastre of the Community of Martinos in the Prefecture of Fthiotida``, ``Study of the National Cadastre 10 OTA of the Prefecture of Cephalonia``, ``Cadastral Study for the completion of the creation of a National Cadastre in the Kallikratic Municipalities of Pella and Skydra``, ``Compilation of the GIS Networks of OTE, production of spatial backgrounds``.