Road construction

the company has experience in road construction projects as well as the appropriate personnel – equipment necessary for the preparation of such studies.


The relevant services offered by FOTOPO A.E. it is as below:


  • horizontality, length sections, cross sections, visibility length diagrams
  • three-dimensional representation of the road, model construction and driving on it.
  • invocation charts, dump tables etc
  • safety criteria based on homo-Y
  • drafting of technical and financial tender documents
  • engravings of all characteristic signs of the road


indicative road construction projects carried out by the company in the past:


  • study of internal road construction of the mountain village of Vrachni area of Kalavryta
  • preparation of a preliminary study of alternatives to the new E.The. Pylos-Gialova to minimize expropriations
  • study of rural road construction of the municipality of Distomo
  • preliminary study and study of landfill application (configuration and Road Construction) West. Attica
  • study of the implementation of general layout and Civil Engineering of liquefied gas tanks in Revithoussa