The Photogrammetry sector of the company is staffed by experienced staff with modern means of photography and photogrammetric instruments.


The company’s photogrammetric equipment includes:


  • GEOSYSTEM automatic photogrammetric scanner of negative or available frames or roll film with 8μm optical resolution.


  • Detailed photogrammetric station Digicart 40 (GALILEO SISCAM).


  • Four complete digital photogrammetric stations:
    • 2 INPHO stations (MATCH-AT MATCH-T, DT-MASTER, ORTHO MASTER-ORTHO VISTA) with additional two photogrammetric performance systems SUMMIT EVOLUTION
    • 1 Z / Imaging SSK station with ORTHO-PRO and automatic Air Trigonism,
    • 1 station DIMS / SISCAM


  • Measuring, semi-measuring and amateur (analog and digital, photodiode Zeis-JENA etc.) cameras and stereo cameras.


  • Newly acquired Point Gray 2-camera stereoscopic system for use in a moving vehicle with a combination of GPS and INS / IMU (news link).


This equipment, in combination with the software used, provides the ability to execute the full range of photogrammetric applications (aerial, terrestrial, and short distances).


In case the photos of the object are not available from another source (eg Army Geographical Service), the company can undertake the (aerial) photography of the object under capture using a helicopter.

PHOTOP SA possesses know-how with which he can visualize the object of study by creating digital video and VRML files, or even producing a copy of the entire object.

We also have the know-how and experience to manipulate (geo-reference, ortho-reduction) satellite images of all operators (LandSat, GeoEye) in the photogrammetric station of INPHO and ERDAS Imagine.


In the company’s offices there is a “mechanical” copy of part of the frieze of the Parthenon (Panathenaic procession), created by photogrammetric imprinting and construction in 1: 1 copy on a CNC machine (work performed in 1994 by order of the Acropolis Monuments Preservation Committee Athens).


Indicative projects: