Real Estate Registration II

The most complete and economical solution for the preparation of National Land Registry studies.

Reliable, Modern, Easy-to-Use Descriptive and Spatial Database Management Software

Specially designed for the requirements of studies of the National Land Registry with the minimum maintenance cost

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Τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά

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Edit descriptive data

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Spatial data processing


Database Checks – Delivery Preparation


Descriptive-spatial data sampling / QCR production / Monthly reporting statistics


Built-in mechanism of identification of persons / publishers / documents at the level of study while maintaining the possibility of local processing of the bases


Production of Cadastral Tables, Charts, Excerpts


Processing – Forwarding Objections

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Express version of Microsoft SQL Server

Edit polygonal data from any GIS software capable of processing SQL Server spatial data

Recommended use of Autocad MAP , based on which a set of tools have been developed for fast and topologically secure processing of spatial data

More information about the software features can be found HERE


Developed and sold by GEONOESIS and FOTOPO SA with years of experience and know-how in cadastral studies.

30 days FREE trial
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