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The company from its foundation until today offers high quality services, based on its modern equipment, its high level scientific potential, its familiarity with innovation and strong know-how.

FOTOPO SA is the first company in Greece that was certified according to the ISO 9001 standard in the field of Impression of Monuments and Ensembles since 1999.

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Areas of expertise

Land Registry

The Cadastre sector of FOTOPO SA is staffed by experienced staff and utilizes all modern means of compiling a Land Registry.


We are active in the full range of activities involved in the development of Geographic Information Systems, from the production and digitization of spatial data, to the design of spatial databases and the development of specialized desktop and web-based applications.


The Photogrammetry department is staffed by experienced staff with modern means of photography and photogrammetric instruments.


Cadastral Studies


Photogrammetry studies


Impression Studies of Monuments


Geographic Information Systems Studies

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